Are Adidas Superstars Skate Shoes?

Are you looking for a stylish, comfortable and long lasting shoe that can keep up with all your skateboarding activities? If so, then you may want to consider investing in a pair of Adidas Superstar skate shoes. Not only are they stylish, they are also built to last and provide the support you need while skateboarding. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Adidas Superstar skate shoes and how they can help you perform at your best while skateboarding.

Are Adidas Superstars Skate Shoes?

Are Adidas Superstars Skate Shoes?

Adidas Superstars are some of the most iconic shoes in the world. Originally released in 1969, they have been a staple of the street style and skate scene for decades. While Superstars are often worn as fashion pieces, they are also popular as skate shoes. But are they actually suitable for skateboarding?

Adidas Superstars as Skate Shoes

Adidas Superstars have become popular among skateboarders due to their classic style and iconic look. However, they are not the ideal skate shoes for a variety of reasons. The first is that the rubber sole is not very grippy, which can make it difficult to stay on your board. Additionally, the leather upper is not very durable and can tear easily when doing tricks. Finally, the lack of cushioning means that your feet can become fatigued quickly.

Alternatives to Adidas Superstars

While Adidas Superstars are not ideal for skateboarding, there are plenty of other options that are better suited for skateboarding. Shoes like Nike SB and Vans Sk8 Hi have thicker soles that provide better grip and more cushioning for your feet. Additionally, shoes like the Air Jordan 1 and the Nike Blazer are durable and have more support, making them better choices for skateboarding.

Adidas Superstar Features

Adidas Superstars have a few features that make them unique. The classic shell toe design and the iconic three stripe logo are instantly recognizable. Additionally, the leather upper is soft and comfortable, making them a great choice for casual wear. The rubber sole also provides some grip, but as mentioned before, it is not ideal for skateboarding.


The leather upper of Adidas Superstars is not very durable, which can be a problem for skateboarders. The thin leather can tear easily when doing tricks, which can lead to costly repairs or replacements. Additionally, the rubber sole can wear down quickly, making them unsuitable for skateboarding.


Adidas Superstars are relatively affordable compared to other skate shoes. Prices can range from around $50 to $100, depending on the style and colorway. While this is a good deal for casual wear, it may not be worth it for skateboarding due to the lack of durability.


Adidas Superstars are iconic shoes that have been popular for decades. While they can be worn as fashion pieces, they are not ideal for skateboarding due to their lack of grip and durability. While they are relatively affordable, there are better options for skateboarding that offer more support and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Are Adidas Superstar shoes suitable for skateboarding?

Answer: Adidas Superstars are one of the most popular shoes for skateboarding and other action sports in general. They feature a durable rubber sole and reinforced toe-cap, which make them ideal for withstanding the wear and tear associated with skateboarding. They also feature a thick padded tongue and collar, which provide extra comfort and protection against impact. The distinctive three-stripe design is also super recognizable and iconic, making them a popular option among skaters.

Question 2: Are Adidas Superstars good for everyday wear?

Answer: Yes, Adidas Superstars are a great option for everyday wear. The classic silhouette and iconic three-stripe design make them a timeless choice for casual everyday wear. The durable rubber sole and reinforced toe-cap also make them comfortable and long-lasting for walking and other activities. Many people also enjoy wearing them for fashion purposes, as they can be easily styled with a variety of outfits.

Question 3: Are Adidas Superstars waterproof?

Answer: Unfortunately, Adidas Superstars are not waterproof. The leather upper is not designed to be water-resistant, and the rubber sole won’t offer much protection against the elements. If you plan on wearing them in wet conditions, consider using a waterproofing spray or wax to help protect them.

Question 4: What sizes do Adidas Superstars come in?

Answer: Adidas Superstars come in a range of sizes for both men and women. For men, they are available in sizes 6-13, while women can find them in sizes 4-12. They also come in a variety of widths, including narrow, medium, and wide.

Question 5: Are Adidas Superstars comfortable?

Answer: Yes, Adidas Superstars are very comfortable. They feature a thick padded tongue and collar for additional cushioning and support. The rubber sole also provides a good level of shock absorption, and the reinforced toe-cap helps protect your feet from impact.

Question 6: Are Adidas Superstars expensive?

Answer: Adidas Superstars are not overly expensive, and can usually be found for around $80 USD. This makes them affordable for most people, and a great choice for those looking for a durable and stylish shoe.

Adidas Superstar ADV Review (skate shoe)

The Adidas Superstar shoe is an iconic style of skate shoe, and it is clear to see why. They offer unique style, excellent durability, and superior comfort. Whether you’re a professional skater, or just looking for a classic look on the streets, Adidas Superstars are the perfect choice. So go ahead, grab a pair and hit the streets in style.

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