Are Converse Good for Wide Feet?

Converse shoes are popular among people of all ages and foot shapes. They’re affordable, stylish, and come in a variety of colors and styles. But are they good for wide feet?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people with wide feet find that Converse shoes are comfortable and fit well, while others find that they’re too narrow and cause pain after wearing them for awhile. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not Converse shoes work for their own feet.

If you have wide feet and are considering buying Converse shoes, it’s important to try them on before purchasing them. This way, you can see how they feel on your feet and decide if they’re the right choice for you.

If you have wide feet, you know the struggle of finding shoes that fit comfortably. You may have written off Converse as an option, thinking they wouldn’t work for your foot type. But we’re here to tell you that Converse can actually be a great option for wide feet!

The key is to find the right size. Converse come in both men’s and women’s sizes, so make sure you’re looking at the right chart. Once you’ve found your size, it’s all about lacing them up correctly.

We recommend using the “bar lacing” method, which involves crossing the laces over in the middle of the shoe. This gives your foot more support and prevents slipping. So if you’re on the hunt for a new pair of shoes and have wide feet, don’t rule out Converse!

With the right size and some proper lacing, they can be just as comfortable as any other shoe out there.

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What Size Should I Get in Converse If I Have Wide Feet?

If you have wide feet, you should get a size up in Converse. For example, if you normally wear a size 8, you would want to purchase a size 9 in Converse. This will ensure that your shoes are comfortable and fit properly.

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Which is Better for Wide Feet Converse Or Vans?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the specific style of Converse or Vans that you are looking at, as well as the width of your feet. However, in general, Converse tend to run slightly narrower than Vans. Therefore, if you have wide feet, you may find that Vans are a better option.

Additionally, many people find that Vans shoes are more comfortable overall, so this may also be a factor to consider.

Are Converse a Narrow Fit?

Assuming you are referring to the popular Converse All Star shoes, yes, they tend to run a bit narrow. This is especially true of the classic low-top style. Many wearers end up going up a half or full size to accommodate the narrower width.

Some models, like the Chuck Taylor II, have been updated with a more comfortable fit in mind and don’t seem to run as narrow.

Vans Or Converse for Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, you may be wondering if vans or converse are the better option for you. Here is a detailed comparison of the two brands to help you make a decision. Vans:

Vans shoes are generally true to size and have a comfortable fit. They offer a variety of widths, including wide widths, so you can find a pair that fits your feet perfectly. The soles of vans shoes are also quite thick, which can add extra comfort and support for your feet.

However, some people find that the overall style of vans shoes is too casual for their taste. Converse: Converse shoes tend to run a bit small, so you may need to order a size up from your usual size.

They also don’t offer as many width options as vans, so it may be more difficult to find a pair that fits well if you have wide feet. On the plus side, converse shoes are very versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

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Converse Wide Fit

Converse wide fit sneakers are designed to provide a comfortable, relaxed fit for people with wider feet. The shoes are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and come in a variety of colors and styles. If you’re looking for a sneaker that will give you a little extra room in the toe box, Converse wide fit sneakers are a great option.

Wide Width Converse Vs Regular

When it comes to choosing the right pair of Converse shoes, one of the most important considerations is width. Do you need a wide width or regular width? Here’s a look at the differences between wide width Converse and regular width Converse to help you make the best decision for your feet.

Wide Width Converse: -Shoes in this category are designed with a wider foot in mind. -There is typically more room in the toe box, which can be beneficial for those with bunions or hammertoes.

-The extra space can also be helpful if you have wide feet or suffer from swelling during the day. -Wide width shoes often have a slightly different design than regular width shoes, so they may not be available in all styles. Regular Width Converse:

-These shoes are designed to fit an average-width foot. -They should provide enough room in the toe box for most people, but may feel too spacious if you have narrow feet. -Regular width shoes are widely available in all styles of Converse sneakers.


If you have wide feet, you may be wondering if Converse are a good option for you. The answer is yes! Converse are actually a great choice for people with wide feet.

They offer a lot of support and they’re also very stylish.

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