Are Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding?

Converse shoes are not typically thought of as good for skateboarding, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used. They may not have the same features as other skateboarding shoes, but they can still provide a good grip and support while skating. Converse shoes are also usually more affordable than other brands, making them a good option for budget-minded skaters.

Converse shoes are not typically thought of as being good for skateboarding. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used for the sport. While they may not provide the same level of support and protection as a dedicated pair of skate shoes, they can still be used if you’re just getting started or if you’re looking for a more casual option.

Just be sure to choose a pair with a good grip and plenty of cushioning to help absorb impacts.

Are Converse Shoes good for skateboarding?

Is Vans Or Converse Better for Skating?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Some people prefer Vans because they offer more support and stability, while others find Converse to be more comfortable and easier to skate in. Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you.

What are the Best Converse to Skate?

Assuming you are asking about the best Converse shoes to skate in, here are a few of our favourites: The first pick would have to be the classic Chuck Taylor All Star. They’re durable, comfortable and have that timeless style that looks great both on and off the board.

Plus, they come in a huge range of colours and designs so you can always find the perfect pair to match your skating outfit. If you’re looking for something a little more technical, then take a look at the CONS CTAS Pro. These shoes are designed specifically for skateboarding and feature reinforced uppers and extra padding around the ankles for added support.

They also come with Vulc sole construction which makes them ideal for grip and traction when you’re hitting those big airs.

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Finally, if you want something that’s going to really turn heads when you drop into the half-pipe, check out the Jack Purcell Signature CVO Skate Shoe. These bad boys combine vintage style with modern tech features like an OrthoLite insole for cushioning and breathable mesh uppers.

Plus, they come in some seriously eye-catching colourways – perfect for making sure you stand out from the rest of the pack when shredding up the streets or parks.

Is Converse a Skate Brand?

No, Converse is not a skate brand. Converse is owned by Nike and offers several different types of shoes, including sneakers, basketball shoes, and running shoes. While Nike does have a skateboarding division, called Nike SB, Converse is not part of that.

What Shoes Work for Skateboarding?

There are a few different types of shoes that work well for skateboarding. First, there are sneakers designed specifically for skateboarding. These have good grip and support, and can help you avoid injuries.

Second, there are casual shoes with good grip and flexibility. These can be any type of shoe, as long as they’re comfortable and have good traction. Finally, there are slip-on shoes, which are easy to take on and off and offer good grip.

Whichever type of shoe you choose, make sure it’s comfortable and has good grip to help you stay safe while skating.

Converse Cons

There are a few disadvantages to Converse shoes. First, they can be quite expensive. Second, they may not be the most comfortable shoe to wear for long periods of time.

Third, they may not be the best choice for certain activities, like running or playing basketball. Finally, some people simply don’t like the way they look.

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What Shoes are Good for Skateboarding

There are a few things to consider when choosing skateboarding shoes. First, you need to think about the type of skating you will be doing. If you will be doing a lot of street skating, then you will want a shoe with good grip and flexibility.

For vert skating or ramps, you’ll want a sturdier shoe with better support. Second, consider your budget. Skateboarding shoes can range in price from $40 to $200+.

Third, think about style. Do you want a low-top or high-top shoe? What color do you want?

There are tons of options out there, so take your time and find the perfect pair for you!

Are Converse High Tops Good for Skating

For many people, the answer to this question is a resounding yes! Converse high tops are often seen as the go-to shoe for skaters, and for good reason. They provide great support and stability, while still allowing for a good range of motion.

Additionally, their tough construction means they can stand up to the wear and tear that comes with skating. However, some skaters find that they prefer other brands or styles of shoes, so it really comes down to personal preference in the end.


Converse shoes are often thought of as being a casual shoe, but they can actually be quite versatile. For instance, many people enjoy skateboarding in Converse shoes. While they may not be the most ideal shoe for this activity, they can certainly work in a pinch.

The main thing you want to look for when choosing Converse shoes for skateboarding is comfort. Make sure the shoes fit well and provide plenty of support for your feet. Additionally, you’ll want to choose a shoe that has good grip so you don’t slip while skating.

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