Do Saucony Spikes Run Small?

If you’re an avid runner or planning to get into the sport, you know how important it is to have the right gear. And when it comes to running shoes, the fit can make all the difference in your performance. That’s why you might be wondering, “Do Saucony spikes run small?” Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out! In this article, we’ll explore the sizing of Saucony spikes and help you determine whether you should go up or down a size to find your perfect fit.

When it comes to athletic footwear, finding the right size can sometimes be a challenge. Different brands have different sizing standards, and Saucony is no exception. While some runners might find that Saucony spikes run true to size, others have reported that they tend to run small. So, if you’re considering getting a pair of Saucony spikes, it’s essential to know what to expect when it comes to sizing. In the next paragraphs, we’ll delve into the factors that can affect the fit of Saucony spikes and provide you with some tips on how to ensure a comfortable and snug fit for your next run. So, let’s lace up those shoes and dive in!

Do Saucony Spikes Run Small?

Do Saucony Spikes Run Small?

If you’re a track and field athlete or a dedicated runner, you’re probably familiar with Saucony spikes. These specialized shoes are designed to enhance performance on the track, providing athletes with the grip and support they need to excel. However, if you’re considering purchasing Saucony spikes for the first time, you may be wondering if they run true to size or if you should consider sizing up or down. In this article, we’ll explore the question, “Do Saucony spikes run small?” and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider When Determining Sizing

When it comes to sizing, there are several factors to consider when determining whether Saucony spikes run small. First and foremost, it’s important to understand that shoe sizing can vary between different brands and models. What may be true for one brand or model may not hold true for another. That being said, here are some factors to keep in mind when it comes to Saucony spikes:

  1. Foot Shape: The shape of your foot can play a role in how Saucony spikes fit. Some athletes may have narrow feet, while others may have wider feet. It’s important to consider your foot shape and how it may interact with the shoe’s design.
  2. Personal Preference: Some runners prefer a snug fit, while others prefer a more relaxed fit. Your personal preference will also influence how you perceive the sizing of Saucony spikes.
  3. Intended Use: The type of event or distance you’ll be running can impact how you want your spikes to fit. Sprinters may prefer a tighter fit for maximum power transfer, while distance runners may opt for a slightly roomier fit for added comfort during longer races.

Considering these factors, it’s important to remember that sizing can be subjective and may vary from person to person. It’s always recommended to try on Saucony spikes before making a purchase if possible, or refer to the brand’s sizing chart for guidance.

The Importance of Proper Fit

Regardless of whether Saucony spikes run small or not, it’s crucial to prioritize finding the right fit for your feet. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort, blisters, and even injuries. When trying on Saucony spikes, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Take Measurements: Measure your feet using a ruler or a measuring tape to determine your accurate shoe size. Remember to measure both feet, as they may differ slightly in size.
  2. Try Different Sizes: If possible, try on multiple sizes of Saucony spikes to find the best fit. Walk or run around in them to get a sense of how they feel on your feet.
  3. Consider Room for Growth: Depending on your age and stage of development, it may be wise to leave a little room for growth, especially for younger athletes.
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By prioritizing the right fit, you can ensure optimal performance and comfort while wearing Saucony spikes.

Customer Experiences and Reviews

One way to gain insight into whether Saucony spikes run small or not is to consider the experiences and reviews of athletes who have worn them. Many online retailers and shoe review websites allow customers to leave feedback, providing valuable information for potential buyers. Take the time to read through customer reviews and experiences to get a sense of how others have found the sizing of Saucony spikes.

Keep in mind that individual experiences may vary, as everyone’s feet are unique. What may be true for one person may not be the case for another. Use customer reviews as a guide, but also consider your own specific needs and preferences when making a decision.

Benefits of Properly Fitting Saucony Spikes

Ensuring that your Saucony spikes fit properly can offer several benefits:

  • Enhanced Performance: When your shoes fit well, you’ll have better control and stability on the track, allowing you to optimize your performance.
  • Reduced Risk of Injuries: Ill-fitting shoes can increase the likelihood of developing blisters, calluses, or other foot-related issues. Choosing the right size can help minimize the risk of these injuries.
  • Comfort and Confidence: Wearing shoes that fit comfortably can enhance your overall running experience, giving you the confidence to perform at your best.

Investing in properly fitting Saucony spikes is an investment in your running performance and overall foot health.


When it comes to answering the question, “Do Saucony spikes run small?” the answer may vary depending on individual experiences and preferences. It’s important to consider factors such as foot shape, personal preference, and intended use when determining the right size for you. Additionally, seeking out customer reviews and trying on different sizes can provide valuable insights. Remember, the goal is to find a pair of Saucony spikes that fit well and offer the support and performance you need on the track.

Key Takeaways: Do Saucony Spikes Run Small?

  • Saucony spikes tend to run small, so it is recommended to size up when purchasing.
  • It is important to try on the spikes and consider the fit before making a purchase.
  • Consider the type of activity you will be using the spikes for, as different sports may have different sizing requirements.
  • Read customer reviews and feedback to get an idea of how the spikes fit for others.
  • When in doubt, consult the Saucony size chart or reach out to customer service for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Saucony Spikes Run Small?

One common question that many athletes have is whether Saucony spikes run small. It’s important to note that sizing can vary between different brands and even different models within the same brand. However, in general, Saucony spikes tend to run true to size. This means that you can typically order your regular shoe size and expect a proper fit.

That being said, it’s always a good idea to try on the spikes before making a final decision. Different individuals may have different preferences when it comes to fit, and what works for one person may not work for another. If possible, visit a local store and try on different sizes to determine which one feels the most comfortable for you.

Are Saucony Spikes Suitable for Wide Feet?

Another concern that athletes with wide feet often have is whether Saucony spikes are suitable for them. Saucony is known for offering a range of widths in their shoes, including wide options. This means that if you have wider feet, you should be able to find a Saucony spike that fits comfortably.

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When selecting a spike for wide feet, it’s recommended to opt for a wide width option if available. This will provide extra room in the toe box and midfoot area, allowing for a more comfortable fit. Additionally, consider trying on different models within the Saucony spike range, as some may be more accommodating for wide feet than others.

Do Saucony Spikes Run Narrow?

While Saucony spikes generally run true to size, some athletes with narrow feet may find that certain models tend to run slightly narrow. This can vary depending on the specific spike and individual foot shape.

If you have narrow feet, it may be helpful to try on different Saucony spike models to find one that provides a snug and secure fit. Additionally, consider opting for a narrower width option if available. This can help ensure a better fit for those with narrow feet.

How Should Saucony Spikes Fit?

When it comes to the fit of Saucony spikes, it’s important to find a balance between comfort and performance. The spikes should fit snugly but not feel overly tight or restrictive. The toes should have enough room to wiggle, and there should be no excessive pressure on any particular areas of the foot.

It’s also important to consider the purpose of the spikes. Sprinters, for example, may prefer a tighter fit for maximum power transfer, while distance runners may opt for a slightly more relaxed fit to accommodate longer periods of running. Ultimately, finding the right fit is a personal preference and may require some trial and error.

Can I Return Saucony Spikes if They Don’t Fit?

Most retailers, both online and physical stores, have return policies that allow customers to return or exchange items that don’t fit properly. However, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific return policy of the retailer you are purchasing from.

Before making a purchase, check if the retailer offers free returns or if there may be any additional fees involved. It’s also a good idea to keep the original packaging and tags intact in case you need to return or exchange the spikes. If you’re unsure about the fit, it’s always better to check the return policy beforehand to ensure a stress-free shopping experience.

Final Thoughts

So, do Saucony spikes run small? After diving into the research and examining customer reviews, it’s safe to say that Saucony spikes tend to run a bit small compared to other brands. Many athletes have reported needing to size up when purchasing Saucony spikes to ensure a comfortable fit. However, it’s important to remember that everyone’s feet are unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s always a good idea to try on a pair of spikes or consult the size chart provided by Saucony before making a purchase.

When it comes to finding the perfect fit, comfort is key. Wearing spikes that are too small can cause discomfort, blisters, and even hinder performance on the track. So, take the time to measure your feet accurately and consider trying on different sizes to find what works best for you. Remember, it’s better to have a slightly larger shoe than one that’s too small.

In conclusion, while Saucony spikes may run small compared to other brands, it’s essential to prioritize finding the right fit for your feet. Comfort and performance go hand in hand when it comes to athletic footwear, so don’t hesitate to explore different sizes and consult the sizing guide provided by Saucony. With the right fit, you’ll be able to sprint and compete with confidence, knowing that your spikes are working with you, not against you.

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