Does Reebok Still Make Iversons?

Basketball fans and sneakerheads alike have long been asking the question: does Reebok still make Iversons? The once-popular basketball shoe, named after the legendary NBA player Allen Iverson, was a staple of basketball culture in the early 2000s. But with the rise of other sneaker brands and the changing landscape of basketball fashion, many have wondered if Reebok has kept up with the times.

Despite the popularity of other basketball shoes, the Reebok Iversons remain a beloved classic among basketball enthusiasts. With their distinctive design and association with one of the greatest players in NBA history, the shoes have become a symbol of basketball culture that transcends time. But the question remains: are they still being produced?

Does Reebok Still Make Iversons?

Does Reebok Still Make Iversons?

Reebok is a well-known brand that has been producing sports shoes for decades. One of its most popular lines was the Reebok Iversons, named after the famous basketball player Allen Iverson. These shoes were a hit among basketball enthusiasts and sneakerheads alike. However, as time has passed, many have been wondering if Reebok still makes Iversons. In this article, we will explore this question and see what Reebok has been up to lately.

History of Reebok Iversons

The Reebok Iversons were first released in 1996, during the peak of Allen Iverson’s career. These shoes were designed to cater to the basketball player’s unique style and needs, and they quickly became a symbol of Iverson’s success. The shoes were known for their sleek design, comfortable fit, and excellent performance on the court.

Over the years, Reebok released several iterations of the Iversons, each with its unique features and design. These shoes were not only popular among basketball fans but also became a fashion statement. People started wearing Iversons even if they had no interest in basketball.

Discontinuation of Reebok Iversons

Unfortunately, Reebok stopped producing Iversons in 2013. The brand had been struggling to compete with other sports shoe companies, and they decided to focus on other lines. This news came as a shock to many fans who had been loyal to the Iversons for years.

However, this did not mean the end of the Iversons. Reebok has re-released some of the classic models, and they still remain popular among sneakerheads. In addition, Allen Iverson himself has launched his line of shoes, which some fans argue are even better than the original Reebok Iversons.

Benefits of Reebok Iversons

There are several benefits to owning a pair of Reebok Iversons. Firstly, they are incredibly comfortable to wear, thanks to their cushioned soles and breathable materials. They are also durable and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

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In addition, the Iversons are stylish and can be worn with a range of outfits, not just basketball jerseys. They are a great addition to any sneaker collection and can make a statement on the court or on the streets.

Reebok Iversons vs Other Sports Shoes

When it comes to sports shoes, there are several options available in the market. However, the Reebok Iversons stand out because of their unique design and excellent performance. Unlike other shoes, they are catered specifically to basketball players, with features such as ankle support and traction control.

Moreover, the Iversons are a classic design that has stood the test of time. While other brands may come and go, the Reebok Iversons remain a symbol of basketball culture and fashion. They are a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast or basketball fan.


In conclusion, Reebok Iversons were a popular line of sports shoes that were named after the legendary basketball player Allen Iverson. Although Reebok stopped producing these shoes in 2013, they remain popular among sneakerheads and basketball enthusiasts. The Iversons were known for their sleek design, comfortable fit, and excellent performance on the court.

While Reebok no longer produces Iversons, Allen Iverson himself has launched his line of shoes, which some fans argue are even better than the original Reebok Iversons. Regardless of which shoes you choose, Reebok Iversons remain a classic design that has stood the test of time and will always be a symbol of basketball culture and fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reebok has been a popular brand among athletes and sneaker enthusiasts since the 1980s. One of their most iconic basketball shoes is the Reebok Answer, which was designed for NBA superstar Allen Iverson. For years, fans have been wondering if Reebok still makes Iversons. Here are some answers to your questions:

Does Reebok still make Iversons?

Yes and no. Reebok has discontinued the production of original Iverson shoes, but they have released several retro versions of the Answer and other Iverson signature shoes. These retro versions feature the same design and colorways as the originals, but with some modern updates. You can still find Iverson shoes on Reebok’s website and other retailers, but they are limited edition and may sell out quickly.

However, Reebok has also collaborated with Allen Iverson to create new designs that are inspired by his legacy and style. These shoes may not be exact replicas of the original Iversons, but they are still highly sought after by fans and collectors.

What are some popular retro Iverson shoes?

Some of the most popular retro Iverson shoes include the Reebok Answer IV, Reebok Question, and Reebok Answer V. The Answer IV was first released in 2000 and features a unique zipper closure system. The Question was Iverson’s first signature shoe and was released in 1996. The Answer V was released in 2001 and features a sleek, all-black design.

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Reebok has also released retro versions of the Answer VI, VII, and VIII, as well as the Reebok Shaq Attaq and Reebok Kamikaze II, which were also popular basketball shoes from the 90s.

Are Iverson shoes still popular?

Yes, Iverson shoes are still very popular among sneakerheads and basketball fans. The shoes are highly sought after for their unique design and connection to Allen Iverson, who is considered one of the most influential basketball players of all time. The retro versions of the Iverson shoes sell out quickly and often fetch high prices on the resale market.

In addition, the Iverson legacy has inspired new designs from Reebok and other sneaker brands, which continue to attract a new generation of fans.

What is Allen Iverson’s involvement with Reebok?

Allen Iverson has been a long-time collaborator with Reebok, even after his retirement from the NBA. In addition to creating new designs for the brand, Iverson has also been featured in marketing campaigns and events. He recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Reebok Answer IV by releasing a limited edition version of the shoe, which sold out within minutes.

Iverson’s partnership with Reebok has been one of the most successful athlete-sneaker collaborations in history, and his influence can still be seen in the brand’s designs and marketing today.

Where can I buy Iverson shoes?

You can buy Iverson shoes on Reebok’s website or at other retailers that sell Reebok products. However, since the shoes are limited edition and highly sought after, they may sell out quickly. You can also try searching for Iverson shoes on reseller websites like eBay or StockX, but be prepared to pay a premium price.

If you’re looking for newer designs that are inspired by Iverson, you can also check out Reebok’s website or other retailers that sell Reebok products.

In conclusion, the question of whether Reebok still makes Iversons is one that has been on the minds of many sneaker enthusiasts. After thorough research, it has been determined that Reebok does still produce the iconic Iverson sneakers.

However, the availability of the sneakers may be limited and they may not be as widely distributed as they once were. This adds to the appeal and exclusivity of the Iversons, making them a highly sought-after item for collectors and fans alike.

Overall, the Iversons remain a beloved part of Reebok’s history and continue to hold a special place in the hearts of sneaker fans around the world. Whether you’re a die-hard collector or simply appreciate the unique style of the Iversons, there’s no denying their enduring popularity and influence in the world of sneakers.

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