How To Heely Backwards?

Want to take your Heely skills to the next level? Ever wondered how to Heely backwards? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to master this impressive move. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Heely enthusiast, learning how to Heely backwards will add a whole new dimension to your skating experience. So, grab your Heelys and get ready to roll like never before!

Now, you might be thinking, “How on earth do I Heely backwards?” Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. First things first, make sure you’re comfortable with regular Heelying and have a good sense of balance. Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to give backwards Heelying a shot. Start by finding a smooth, open space where you have plenty of room to maneuver. This will give you the freedom to practice without any obstacles getting in your way. Now, here’s the secret to Heelying backwards: instead of pushing off with your toes like you would when going forwards, you’re going to push off with your heels. It might feel a bit strange at first, but with a little practice, you’ll get the hang of it. Keep your weight centered and try to maintain a steady, controlled pace. Just remember to stay relaxed and have fun with it. Before you know it, you’ll be Heelying backwards like a pro!

In conclusion, learning how to Heely backwards is a fantastic way to level up your Heely skills and impress your friends. As with any new skill, it may take some time and practice to get the hang of it, but don’t get discouraged. Keep at it, stay determined, and soon enough, you’ll be gliding backwards with ease. So, grab your Heelys, find a smooth surface, and get ready to roll into a whole new world of Heelying fun!

How to Heely Backwards?

How to Heely Backwards?

Heelys are a popular type of footwear that combines the functionality of a shoe with the thrill of roller skating. While most people are familiar with skating forward on Heelys, learning how to skate backwards can add a new level of excitement to your Heelying experience. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to heely backwards and provide some helpful tips to make the process easier.

Step 1: Find a Suitable Location

Before you attempt to heely backwards, it’s important to find a suitable location that provides enough space and a smooth surface. Look for a flat area such as a parking lot or a smooth pavement where you can practice without any obstacles. Avoid areas with heavy pedestrian traffic to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Step 1.1: Check for Potential Hazards

Before you start heelying backwards, take a moment to assess the area for potential hazards. Look out for cracks in the pavement, loose gravel, or any other obstacles that could cause you to trip or fall. It’s important to have a clear and safe path to practice your backwards Heelying skills.

Step 1.2: Wear Protective Gear

To ensure your safety while learning how to heely backwards, it’s essential to wear the appropriate protective gear. This includes a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. These protective gear items will help prevent injuries in case of falls or accidents. Make sure they fit properly and are securely fastened before you start practicing.

Step 2: Master the Basics

Before attempting to heely backwards, it’s crucial to have a solid foundation in forward Heelying. Make sure you are comfortable with balancing on the wheels, gliding, and stopping before moving on to more advanced maneuvers. This will help build your confidence and improve your overall Heelying skills.

Step 2.1: Practice Balancing

To heely backwards, you need to have good balance on your Heelys. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and distribute your weight evenly on both feet. Practice shifting your weight from one foot to the other and maintaining your balance. This will help you develop the necessary stability for backwards Heelying.

Step 2.2: Learn to Glide

Glide forward on your Heelys, using small strides to propel yourself. While gliding, focus on maintaining a straight posture and keeping your feet parallel. This will help you build the muscle memory needed for backwards Heelying.

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Step 2.3: Master Stopping

Before attempting to heely backwards, make sure you can stop confidently and effectively. Practice different stopping techniques, such as dragging one foot or using the heel brake if your Heelys are equipped with one. Being able to stop quickly and smoothly is essential for your safety while heelying backwards.

Step 3: Start Heelying Backwards

Once you have mastered the basics of Heelying, you can start practicing how to heely backwards. Here are the steps to get you started:

Step 3.1: Find a Supportive Wall or Fence

To begin, find a supportive wall or fence that you can use for balance and support. This will help you feel more confident as you start heelying backwards. With your back facing the wall or fence, position your Heelys parallel to it.

Step 3.2: Push Off and Glide Backwards

Push off with one foot and transfer your weight onto the other foot. Keep your body upright and your eyes focused on the wall or fence in front of you. Use small strides to glide backwards, keeping your feet parallel and your knees slightly bent. Maintain a relaxed posture and try to find your balance.

Step 3.3: Practice Turning and Stopping

As you become more comfortable heelying backwards, start practicing turning and stopping in this position. Use your body and arms to initiate turns, and practice different stopping techniques to improve your control and agility.

Step 4: Gradually Increase Difficulty

Once you have mastered heelying backwards with the support of a wall or fence, it’s time to gradually increase the difficulty level. Find an open space where you can heely backwards without any support and practice gliding, turning, and stopping. Challenge yourself to go faster and try different maneuvers to enhance your skills.

Step 4.1: Experiment with Tricks

Once you feel confident heelying backwards, you can start experimenting with tricks and more advanced maneuvers. Try incorporating spins, jumps, or even riding backwards in a zigzag pattern. Remember to always prioritize your safety and gradually progress to more challenging tricks.

Step 4.2: Build Strength and Stamina

Heelying backwards requires strong leg muscles and good endurance. To improve your performance, engage in exercises that target your leg muscles, such as squats, lunges, and calf raises. Additionally, incorporate cardiovascular exercises to build stamina and enhance your overall fitness level.

Step 5: Enjoy the Experience

Heelying backwards can be an exhilarating and fun activity. Once you have mastered the technique, take the time to enjoy the experience and explore new locations to heely backwards. Invite friends to join you and create lasting memories while cruising in reverse on your Heelys.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t master heelying backwards right away. Keep practicing, be patient, and soon you’ll be gliding effortlessly in reverse. So, put on your Heelys, find a suitable location, and start heelying backwards today!

Benefits of Heelying Backwards

– Adds a new level of excitement and challenge to Heelying.
– Enhances balance, coordination, and agility.
– Builds lower body strength and endurance.
– Provides a unique way to express creativity through tricks and maneuvers.
– Offers a fun and engaging activity for individuals of all ages.

Tips for Heelying Backwards

– Start with a supportive wall or fence to build confidence.
– Wear the appropriate protective gear to ensure safety.
– Practice the basics of forward Heelying before attempting to heely backwards.
– Gradually increase the level of difficulty as you become more comfortable.
– Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas with potential hazards.
– Stay relaxed and maintain proper posture while heelying backwards.
– Have fun and enjoy the experience of mastering a new skill.


Learning how to heely backwards can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. By following the steps outlined in this article and practicing regularly, you can master this skill and add a new dimension to your Heelying adventures. Remember to prioritize safety, wear protective gear, and start with a supportive environment. With time and dedication, you’ll be heelying backwards with confidence and style. So, put on your Heelys and get ready to roll in reverse!

Key Takeaways: How to Heely Backwards?

  • Start by practicing on a smooth and flat surface.
  • Shift your weight to your back foot, keeping your front foot slightly raised.
  • Push off with your back foot and lean back, keeping your balance.
  • Use your arms for stability and to help maintain your balance.
  • Practice turning your head and body in the direction you want to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you explain the basic technique for heelying backwards?

Heelying backwards requires a good sense of balance and control. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your heels lifted off the ground. To initiate the backward motion, lean slightly back and push off with one foot while keeping the other foot planted. As you glide backwards, maintain your balance by keeping your core engaged and your weight centered. Practice this motion in a safe and open area until you feel comfortable with the movement.

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Remember to start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more confident. It’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and to practice proper safety precautions while heelying backwards.

2. What are some common mistakes to avoid when heelying backwards?

One common mistake when heelying backwards is leaning too far back, which can cause you to lose control or fall. Instead, focus on maintaining a slight lean while keeping your core engaged to maintain stability. Another mistake is trying to go too fast too soon. It’s important to build up your speed gradually to ensure you have control over your movements.

Additionally, avoid heelying backwards on uneven or slippery surfaces, as this can increase the risk of accidents. Be mindful of obstacles and pedestrians around you to prevent collisions. By being aware of these common mistakes, you can improve your backward heelying skills and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

3. How can I improve my balance for heelying backwards?

Improving your balance for heelying backwards requires practice and strengthening certain muscle groups. One way to enhance your balance is by incorporating exercises that target your core, such as planks and stability ball exercises. These exercises help strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, which are essential for maintaining balance while heelying backwards.

Another helpful tip is to practice standing on one foot while maintaining your balance. This can be done by lifting one foot off the ground and holding the position for a few seconds before switching to the other foot. By regularly practicing these exercises and drills, you can gradually improve your balance and feel more confident when heelying backwards.

4. What safety gear should I wear when heelying backwards?

When heelying backwards, it’s important to prioritize safety by wearing the appropriate protective gear. Start with a helmet to protect your head in case of falls or collisions. Elbow and knee pads are also essential to prevent injuries to these vulnerable areas.

In addition to protective gear, it’s recommended to wear closed-toe shoes that provide support and grip. Avoid heelying backwards in sandals or shoes with slippery soles, as they can increase the risk of accidents. By wearing the right safety gear, you can enjoy heelying backwards while minimizing the chances of injuries.

5. How long does it take to learn how to heely backwards?

The time it takes to learn how to heely backwards can vary depending on individual factors such as coordination and practice frequency. Some individuals may pick up the skill fairly quickly, while others may require more time and practice.

Consistent practice is key to improving your backward heelying abilities. Dedicate regular practice sessions to work on your balance, control, and technique. With patience and persistence, you can gradually master the art of heelying backwards and enjoy the thrill of gliding in reverse.

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it, folks! We’ve reached the end of this exciting journey on how to Heely backwards. Hopefully, by now, you’ve learned some valuable tips and tricks to master this impressive skill on your Heelys. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to get the hang of it. With determination and perseverance, you’ll be zooming around backward in no time!

Now, let’s quickly recap what we’ve covered in this article. First, we discussed the importance of maintaining balance and keeping your weight centered while attempting to Heely backwards. It’s crucial to distribute your weight evenly on both feet to stay in control. We also emphasized the significance of proper body positioning, such as leaning slightly forward and bending your knees to maintain stability.

Next, we explored the technique of initiating the backward motion by pushing off with your toes and using your heels as brakes. By shifting your weight backward and engaging your core muscles, you can smoothly transition into the backward Heely motion. Additionally, we highlighted the importance of practicing in a safe and open area, away from obstacles or busy streets, to avoid any potential accidents.

In conclusion, learning how to Heely backwards can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. It requires practice, patience, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. With the right mindset and determination, you’ll be impressing your friends with your stylish backward Heely moves in no time! So grab your Heelys, hit the pavement, and let the backward Heely adventures begin!

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