What Does the Number Mean on New Balance Shoes?

The number on New Balance shoes corresponds to the width of the shoe. The size is determined by measuring the foot from heel to toe and then converting that measurement into inches or centimeters. For example, a size 10 shoe is 10 inches long.

A size 8 would be 8 inches long, etc. There are also different widths available, which is why the number on New Balance shoes is important. The width is indicated by a letter after the number.

For example, if you see a “D” after the size number, it means the shoe is a wide width.

The number on New Balance shoes represents the company’s commitment to quality. Each shoe is designed and manufactured to meet a specific set of standards, and the number indicates which level of quality the shoe meets. The higher the number, the higher the quality.

New Balance shoes are some of the most comfortable and well-made shoes on the market, and they’re perfect for people who are looking for a high-quality shoe that will last long. If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, make sure to check out New Balance’s line of footwear. You won’t be disappointed.

What are the Numbers on New Balance Sneakers?

New Balance sneakers have a numbering system that indicates the width of the shoe. The numbers on New Balance sneakers range from 2A (narrowest) to 6E (widest). New Balance also makes shoes in widths larger than 6E, but those shoes are not numbered.

What Does the 880 Mean in New Balance Shoes?

New Balance is a company that specializes in sportswear and footwear. The 880 model is one of their most popular running shoes. It’s designed for runners who need extra support and stability.

The 880 has a lot of features that make it a great running shoe, but the most notable one is the high level of support and stability it provides. This makes it a great choice for runners who have pronation issues or need extra support in general. If you’re looking for a shoe that will give you a good amount of support and stability, then the New Balance 880 is a great option to consider.

What is the V Number on New Balance Shoes?

The “V” number on New Balance shoes indicates the width of the shoe. The width is determined by the size of the foot, and is measured in inches. For example, a size 10 shoe would have a V10 width.

What is the Difference between New Balance 840 And 940?

New Balance is a company that makes shoes for many different types of activities. Two of their models, the 840 and 940, are made specifically for running. Though they are both designed for the same purpose, there are some key differences between them.

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The 840 is considered to be a stability shoe. This means that it is meant to help with overpronation, or when your foot rolls inward too much when you run. It does this by having extra support in the arch area of the shoe.

The 940, on the other hand, is what’s known as a motion control shoe. This type of shoe is meant for people who have very severe overpronation issues and need even more support than what a stability shoe can provide. Both shoes have New Balance’s Abzorb technology in the heel, which helps to absorb impact and protect your feet from injury while you’re running.

They also both have N-Durance rubber outsoles, which give them good durability and traction on roads and sidewalks alike. So, if you’re looking at getting a new pair of New Balance running shoes and aren’t sure which model to go with, think about what level of support you need first. If you have mild overpronation issues or none at all, then the 840 would likely be a good choice for you.

But if your overpronation is more severe, then opt for the 940 instead.

Understanding New Balance's Numbering System

What Do the Letters And Numbers Mean on New Balance Shoes

If you’re a runner, chances are you’ve seen New Balance shoes with the letters “NB” followed by a number. But what do these numbers mean? The NB system actually dates back to the 1960s when New Balance first starting making running shoes.

At that time, most running shoes were made with leather uppers and canvas or rubber soles. New Balance was one of the first companies to experiment with different materials and construction techniques in an effort to make lighter, more comfortable and durable shoes. As part of this process, New Balance developed a numbering system to categorize its different shoe models.

The higher the number, the more features and benefits the shoe offered. For example, the early 801 model was simply a basic leather-and-canvas running shoe; the 802 added a synthetic leather toe cap for durability; and the 803 featured an EVA foam midsole for cushioning. Today, all New Balance shoes feature performance-enhancing technologies regardless of their model number.

So while the numbers may not be as important as they once were, they still offer a helpful way to distinguish between different shoe styles.

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Here’s a quick breakdown of what each digit in a New Balance model number means: First Digit: This number indicates the type of activity the shoe is best suited for – 1 = walking/casual, 2 = training/cross-training, 3 = running, 4 = court sports (tennis, basketball), 5 = off-road/trail running.

* Second Digit: This number tells you how much support or stability the shoe provides – 0 = neutral (no extra support), 1-2 = light support/stability (ideal for beginners or those with low arches), 3-4 = moderate support/stability (good for runners with medium arches), 5+ = maximum support/stability (best for runners with high arches or those who pronate). Third & Fourth Digits: These digits indicate specific features or technologies that are built into the shoe – 00 = no special features; 01-09= various comfort & fit features; 10-19= different sole & traction technologies; 20-29= additional cushioning options; 30+= specialty footwear (e.g., barefoot shoes).

What Does the V Number Mean on New Balance Shoes

If you’re a fan of New Balance shoes, you may have noticed the “V” next to some of the model numbers. But what does the V mean? The V stands for versatility.

These shoes are designed to be versatile and perform well in a variety of activities. Whether you’re running, walking, or working out, these shoes will give you the support and comfort you need. So if you’re looking for a shoe that can do it all, check out the New Balance shoes with a “V” next to the model number.

You won’t be disappointed!

New Balance 574 Meaning

The New Balance 574 is a classic sneaker that has been around for decades. The shoe is named after the street address of New Balance’s headquarters in Boston. The 574 has a simple design and is available in a wide range of colors, making it a popular choice for both casual and athletic wear.

The shoe is also known for its comfort and durability, which has made it a favorite among athletes and everyday wearers alike.

New Balance Shoes Meaning

New Balance shoes are a type of shoe that is designed to provide support and stability for the foot. They are often used by people who have problems with their feet, such as plantar fasciitis or bunions. New Balance shoes have a wide variety of different designs and styles, which can be suited to different needs and preferences.


The number on New Balance shoes refers to the heel-to-toe drop, or the difference in height between the heel and forefoot. A higher number means a higher drop, which can be beneficial for runners who pronate heavily.

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