What Is The Symbol For Asics Shoes?

Asics is a brand that has become synonymous with quality athletic footwear. From running shoes to training sneakers, Asics has been providing athletes with supportive and comfortable shoes for decades. But have you ever wondered what the symbol for Asics shoes represents? In this article, we will explore the history behind the iconic Asics logo and what it means for the brand and its customers.

Asics’ distinctive logo is instantly recognizable, but its meaning may not be as well known. The symbol is made up of three shapes, with the left and right shapes representing the company’s core values of sound mind and sound body. The center shape, which looks like an arrow pointing forward, represents progress and movement. So, not only does Asics provide top-quality shoes for athletes, but they also strive to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Let’s dive deeper into the history of this iconic symbol and what it means for the brand’s mission.

The symbol for Asics shoes is a stylized version of the word ASICS, written in all capital letters. The logo features four horizontal lines that cross through each letter, creating a dynamic and modern look. This symbol can be found on all Asics shoes, as well as on other products and marketing materials.

What is the Symbol for Asics Shoes?

What is the Symbol for Asics Shoes?

Asics is a well-known brand of athletic shoes that has been around for several decades. The company has established a reputation for producing high-quality running shoes that offer both comfort and performance. One of the most recognizable features of Asics shoes is its symbol. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to understanding the Asics symbol.

History of the Asics Symbol

Asics was founded in 1949, in Kobe, Japan. The company originally produced basketball shoes but later diversified into other sports footwear, including running shoes. The name Asics is an acronym for the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano,” which means “a sound mind in a sound body.” This phrase reflects the company’s philosophy of producing shoes that not only improve physical performance but also promote overall well-being.

The Asics symbol, commonly referred to as the “stripes” or “lines,” was first introduced in the 1960s. The design consists of four parallel lines, with the middle two lines being slightly longer than the outer two. The original purpose of the stripes was to provide support and stability to the foot during the running motion.

Meaning of the Asics Symbol

The Asics symbol has evolved over the years and has come to represent various things. The four stripes of the symbol represent the company’s four founding principles: sound mind, sound body, harmony with society, and contribution to the world. The longer middle stripes symbolize stability, while the shorter outer stripes represent flexibility.

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The Asics symbol is also said to represent the Japanese flag, with the four stripes symbolizing the four islands of Japan. Additionally, the stripes are believed to represent the claws of a tiger, which is the company’s mascot.

Benefits of Asics Shoes

Asics shoes are designed to provide superior comfort and performance to runners of all levels. The shoes are engineered using advanced technologies that enhance cushioning, support, and stability. Asics shoes are also known for their durability, which makes them a popular choice for long-distance runners.

One of the key benefits of Asics shoes is their ability to prevent injuries. The shoes are designed to absorb shock and reduce impact on the joints, which helps to reduce the risk of injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain.

Asics vs. Other Running Shoe Brands

Asics shoes are often compared to other popular running shoe brands, such as Nike and Adidas. While each brand has its unique features and benefits, Asics shoes are known for their superior cushioning and stability. Asics shoes also tend to be more affordable than some of the other high-end running shoe brands.

Popular Asics Shoe Models

Asics offers a wide range of running shoe models, each designed to meet the needs of different types of runners. Some of the most popular Asics shoe models include:

  • Gel-Kayano
  • Gel-Nimbus
  • Gel-Cumulus
  • Gel-Exalt
  • Gel-Pulse

Each of these models is designed to provide specific benefits, such as maximum cushioning, support, or stability.


The Asics symbol is a recognizable feature of the Asics brand and has come to represent the company’s founding principles of sound mind, sound body, harmony with society, and contribution to the world. Asics shoes are designed to provide superior comfort, performance, and injury prevention to runners of all levels. With a wide range of models to choose from, Asics is a popular choice for runners who want a high-quality shoe that offers both style and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Asics logo?

Asics is a Japanese sports equipment company that produces footwear and apparel for a variety of sports. The Asics logo is a stylized version of the company name, with the letters “ASICS” written in all capital letters and connected in a unique way. The logo is usually displayed on the side or heel of Asics shoes.

The Asics logo is designed to be simple and memorable, with a modern and sporty look. It is often seen in combination with other branding elements, such as the company’s tagline or product names.

What does the Asics logo represent?

The Asics logo is meant to reflect the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. The unique design of the logo is meant to convey a sense of motion and speed, as well as a focus on precision and attention to detail.

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The logo is also a symbol of Asics’ Japanese heritage and its commitment to craftsmanship and excellence. It is a recognizable icon that has become synonymous with the brand’s reputation for producing high-quality sports equipment.

What colors are used in the Asics logo?

The Asics logo typically uses a combination of blue and white. The blue color is often described as “Asics blue,” and is a bright, bold shade that is meant to evoke a sense of energy and vitality. The white color is used to create contrast and balance, and to help the logo stand out on different backgrounds.

In some cases, the Asics logo may also be displayed in other colors, depending on the product or marketing campaign. However, the blue and white color scheme is the most commonly used and recognized version of the logo.

Is the Asics logo trademarked?

Yes, the Asics logo is a trademarked symbol that is protected by international intellectual property laws. The company has registered the logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as other trademark agencies around the world.

As a trademarked symbol, the Asics logo can only be used with permission from the company. Unauthorized use of the logo can result in legal action, including fines and other penalties.

What other branding elements are associated with Asics shoes?

In addition to the Asics logo, the company uses a variety of other branding elements to promote its products. These may include taglines, slogans, and product names that reflect Asics’ focus on performance, innovation, and quality.

Asics also uses distinctive packaging, colors, and designs to create a consistent and recognizable brand image. From the shoebox to the product tags and labels, every aspect of Asics’ branding is carefully crafted to reflect the company’s values and mission.


In conclusion, the symbol for Asics shoes is a combination of two shapes: a line and an oval. This simple yet iconic design represents the brand’s commitment to innovation and performance. Asics shoes are known for their superior quality and comfort, making them a favorite among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re a professional runner or just someone who enjoys a good workout, Asics shoes are a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality footwear. With their distinctive logo and superior craftsmanship, Asics shoes are sure to provide you with the support and comfort you need to achieve your fitness goals.

So if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will help you perform at your best, be sure to check out Asics. With their innovative design and commitment to excellence, you won’t be disappointed. So why not give them a try today and experience the difference for yourself?

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