How to Check Original Skechers Shoes?

Are you looking for a way to make sure you are purchasing an authentic pair of Skechers shoes? With the prevalence of counterfeits and knock-offs, it can be difficult to tell if what you are getting is the real deal. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure that you are getting the genuine Skechers shoes. This article will show you how to check original Skechers shoes, so you can be sure you are getting the quality and comfort you expect.

How to Check Original Skechers Shoes?

Verifying Original Skechers Shoes

Skechers shoes are popular for their stylish and comfortable designs. But with the influx of counterfeit Skechers shoes on the market, it’s important to know how to spot an original pair. Here are some tips to help you verify the authenticity of your Skechers shoes.

Check the Manufacturer Markings

One of the best ways to spot an original pair of Skechers shoes is to check the manufacturer markings. The Skechers logo should be prominently displayed in the same place on each shoe. If the logo or other manufacturer markings are missing, then the shoes may be counterfeit. Additionally, the manufacturer markings should be printed clearly and in the correct font. Any discrepancies in the font or placement of the markings could be a sign of a fake.

Another important thing to look for is the serial number. Original Skechers shoes will have a serial number printed on the inside of the shoe. Counterfeit shoes may have a serial number but it will be different from the one on an original Skechers shoe.

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Look for Quality Materials

Original Skechers shoes are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. Counterfeit shoes, on the other hand, are often made from inferior materials that won’t stand up to regular wear and tear. When checking the materials, pay close attention to the stitching and overall construction. If the stitching is loose or the materials appear to be of poor quality, then the shoes are likely to be fake.

Compare Prices

The price of Skechers shoes can vary depending on the style, but original Skechers shoes will never be sold at a significantly discounted price. If you come across a pair of Skechers shoes that seem too good to be true, then they are likely to be fake. To ensure you’re getting an original pair, always compare prices and look for any discounts or promotions.

Check the Return Policy

The return policy of the seller is also a good indicator of whether the shoes are original or not. Most reputable retailers will have a return policy in place that allows customers to return the shoes if they are not satisfied with them. Counterfeit shoes, on the other hand, may not have a return policy or may have a return policy that is difficult to work with.

Examine the Box

The box that the shoes come in is also a good indicator of authenticity. Original Skechers shoes will come in a sturdy box with the Skechers logo on it. Counterfeit shoes may come in a flimsy or generic box with no logo on it. Additionally, the box should have all of the appropriate labels, such as the size and color of the shoes.

Check the Website

If you are buying your Skechers shoes online, then it’s important to make sure the website is legitimate. The website should have a secure checkout process and a privacy policy in place. Additionally, the website should have customer service contact information and a clear return policy. Any discrepancies in these areas could indicate a counterfeit website.

Look for Reviews

Finally, it’s always a good idea to read reviews from other customers before buying a pair of Skechers shoes. Reading reviews can give you an idea of what to expect from the shoes, as well as any potential issues or defects. Additionally, reviews can provide insights into customer service, shipping times, and overall satisfaction with the purchase.

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Few Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skechers?

Skechers is an American lifestyle and performance footwear brand founded in 1992. It offers a wide range of shoes for men, women, and kids. Skechers has become one of the world’s leading lifestyle and performance footwear brands, with more than 3,000 Skechers stores worldwide.

Why Should I Check If My Skechers Shoes Are Original?

It is important to check if your Skechers shoes are original to ensure you are getting the best quality product. Fake shoes may have inferior material and construction, and may not last as long or provide the same level of performance as an original Skechers shoe.

How Can I Check If My Skechers Shoes Are Original?

You can check if your Skechers shoes are original by looking for the Skechers logo on the shoe’s tongue, examining the quality of the stitching, and checking for the SKU number.

What Should I Look For On the Tongue of My Skechers Shoes?

On the tongue of your Skechers shoes, you should look for the Skechers logo. The logo should be a stylized “S” and should be prominent. If the logo is faded, blurry, or otherwise appears to be of low quality, it is likely the shoes are not original.

What Should I Look For In the Quality of the Stitching?

When examining the quality of the stitching on your Skechers shoes, you should look for even, neat stitching that is consistent throughout the shoe. If the stitches are uneven, loose, or otherwise appear to be of low quality, the shoes may not be original.

What Should I Look For In the SKU Number?

The SKU number is a unique identifier for each style of Skechers shoe. Each SKU number should be printed somewhere on the shoe and should match the SKU number printed on the box. If the SKU number on the shoe does not match the SKU number on the box, the shoes may not be original.

In conclusion, checking for authentic Skechers shoes can be done quickly and easily. By taking note of the features of Skechers shoes, checking the manufacturing information, and comparing prices, you can easily identify an original pair of Skechers shoes. Always remember to purchase from a reputable store to ensure the product you buy is genuine.

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